Holding Space…

I have not had much strength to write as of late. I do often in my mind; if only my brain came with dictation so I could get it written down. 😊

I am here still warrioring on with each of you who bravely get up each morning and embrace the good and the hard of your own stories.

One small treasure that I have been reminded of in this string of hard-fought days is that thankfulness if the key to peace. When my mind wants to run with with worry, I am practicing replacing those anxieties with thanking my Savior for the miraculous as well as the mundane, and He has been faithful to pour into me a peace too thick, too rich with the serenity of it all that it can only come from Him.

Is the roar of worry drowning out your thoughts? Try it. When anxiety creeps in, start listing the graces of your every day, and you too will find peace.

7 thoughts on “Holding Space…”

  1. This is so true and super good! I have a miracles journal and I put all kinds of things in it, like the beautiful bird nest I saw up close in a young tree, my little old dog always greeting me at the door with such love, having a home, food, friends… Once I get these flowing and going, it brings such good feelings, and a sense of being held by God. Thank you for sharing this, it’s truly helpful to remember when stress and anxiety kick in and we can all use this encouraging reminder. Hugs and blessings and comfort to you! XO Maggie

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  2. The Lord’s truth and grace shine brightly through this post. Thank you for sharing and for your testimony to His goodness! I am both convicted and inspired. May the Lord continue to pour out His peace and grace and strength into your life and that of your dear family!
    God Bless!


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