Today I am headed in for a double surgery. It’s been one of those “if it can go wrong,” weeks. Not to worry though; we’ve got this.

For a few weeks and a few wasted doctors’ visits, we have been trying to get to the bottom of a fever and severe pain from my J tube. It was finally just discovered that I have what’s called a Buried Bumper. So I will be going in to have it removed from where it’s imbedded, and hopefully they will be able to place a new one right away.

Not to be outdone, yesterday the central line in my chest started infusing everything in a big balloon of swelling on my collar bone, instead of into my heart. This access is very important for me on a daily basis, so they’re going to be removing the old line and giving me a new port at the same time as the first surgery.

Here’s to things always being an adventure, to a good long nap, and to knowing that I am well loved and cared for, even when my middle name seems to be Murphy.

Please leave me a comment, it lets me know you’re listening!

7 thoughts on “Murphy”

    1. Though storms of life are raging, don’t lose hope and take courage my friend. Someone is praying for you this very day. Love yah!


  1. Oh sweet girl! I am having the same kind month! Went to get chemo started a week and a half ago and found my port infusion ballooning in my neck. When they tried to fix it, found my veins were all blocked and rerouted. Had to have a new port in and then started chemo 2 days later. Now the new port is infected! I get being tired of being the 1% that these extra things happen too! If you need to vent to someone who understands I would listen! Glad you have a support system and Jesus to help bear you up. As we tell our kids before a surgery, “hope you get the best sleep of your life!”


    1. Oh no! Sounds like just what mine did, only minus the infection I hope. Super sore from today, but thankful to have gotten both things done at once and have that part behind me. I hope your infection heals quickly and you’re able to stay strong as you continue treatment. Remember, we only have to get through each today one at a time. Thank you for your kind words!


  2. My darling friend, I’m so sorry you’re having all these trials. Love you and have been thinking about you lots. Praying for you all the time. I have wanted to check on you, and I should have. You are in my heart always. I pray and hope we both have better health for the rest of the year. The beginning, at least for me, has been trying at times. You have such wonderful courage. Thanks for sharing with me.


    1. Thank you for always being such a loving and encouraging friend, Sue. I pray your health improves as well, and the best of 2019 is still ahead of us.


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