If you’ve known me very long, you know how special purple, rainbows, and butterflies are to me. Purple was our Ellie’s color, and on the day we buried her, her sister’s butterflies hatched way earlier than expected under the most perfect full rainbow painted across the gray July sky. Every time we see these things now, they are like a sweet hug from our girl, reminding us of her footprint on our lives.

As we celebrated her 8th birthday a few days ago, the mundane parts of a winter day were punctuated amazingly by the sweetest gifts, seeming to be perfectly placed just for us.

As I lay watching a movie with my loves, we all turned to grin at each other knowingly as a conversation about rainbows erupted in the middle of a suspenseful plot. My husband turned to me. “How many movies do you suppose they start talking about rainbows in,” he grinned. It was true. Specific, beautiful reminders of Ellianna Grace were purposely left in plain view for us on the anniversary of her birth. The others I was able to capture, to look back and remind myself of the goodness.

Purple and rainbow, in a dress fit for a princess!

A photo that popped up in my Instagram feed from Pitter Patter Art.

Life is sweet indeed.

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2 thoughts on “Glimpses”

  1. Know exactly what you mean!!! For Delainey, it’s Butterflies, light blue (Trisomy 18 color) , yellow, bluebirds for Papa, lady bugs, sunshine. Rainbows are the symbol for SOFT (an organization that supports Trisomy). So many signs from our sweet girl in Heaven, sending her Love to us. Rejoice with us as we welcome Zane Anthony to our family this coming Wednesday 3/13. I’m sure you have seen his pics on Facebook. He has a mild cold and was a little punky today. This Grammy held and rocked her sweet Grandson, and we both loved it. He is so precious. Love and hugs.


    1. Aren’t these little gifts so wonderful?? It’s like our girls are still woven throughout our days. I love it. I always think of Delainey when I see a blue butterfly. I am celebrating Zane with you this week!!!


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