New Wheels!

The past few weeks have brought me a fancy new wheelchair and an incredible mobility van to travel around in! I am still waiting for my headrest, but everything else is so wonderful and supports my body in a comfort I’ve not had in a long time. I am so blessed that insurance worked with us on this, and now Mark doesn’t have to push me around everywhere we go!

I know there are many people with the same needs as I have who aren’t as fortunate to have a nice chair to use, or even a vehicle to get the chair around. It is not lost on me how richly blessed I am. I’m so thankful to have these needs met in such amazing ways, and I hope to use them to bring more love and light to the world.

Here’s to more adventures in the fast lane!

Please leave me a comment, it lets me know you’re listening!

15 thoughts on “New Wheels!”

  1. How absolutely wonderful. I am delighted to think of you buzzing around in this vehicle…even color coordinated to you. Love you


  2. Absolutely wonderful!!! So glad for you. Gives you some of your independence back too. You always wear a smile and overcome obstacles others would give up on. You’re a blessing too


  3. So, so happy for you, Hannah !! Mobility is a an interagal part in soothing your life and I’m so please you get to travel in “style” !! Prayers for you always (((HUGS)))


  4. I KNOW this chair!! One of my favorite students has the same one! I hate thAt you need it but I’m so glad you have it!


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