The Good

I received a message from an encouraging friend today. It said, “Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.” It is ever so true.

Here is some of the good I found today:

Power socks. Always show up to battle with appropriately chosen socks. I have a few special pairs reserved for such days when lucky socks are necessary .

Bananas and morphine. You really can’t go wrong. My pump was turned up a bit today to try to help control my pain. I was met with unexpected kindness and understanding, and it made the whole process better.

Signs of Spring. I am so ready.

A gift of an open spot…

Which was especially nice because…

Some reminders along the way…

And an incredible gift of love from a new friend… she brought over a delicious meal from one of our favorites, Cracker Barrel.

The littlest was so tired from all of our going, combined with missing a nap, he got a case of the giggles which proved quite contagious. Conversation was lively as we recounted the best moments of the day, punctuated with chocolate cake.

It was a hard day, but we were carried. Prayed for, encouraged, helped along by generous friends, and there was definitely good to be found.

Thank you dear friends for coming alongside me today; it made all the difference.

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