Two Years

My Sweet Ellie Grace,

Today is the day when all of those horrible and frightening memories come to mind the most.  The day I am haunted by the sights, the sounds, the shattering pain of watching you die.

Today though, I want to think about the happy things of you.  I want to spend the day imagining what your smile must look like.  I want to imagine your fluffy hair blowing in a sweet breeze, and your dainty features eclipsed in the glory of the Everlasting Light.  I want to imagine the sound of your voice, and your carefree laughter as you play with the many friends you have made in Heaven.  I want to imagine the overwhelming joy I will feel when I get to hold you in my arms again.

Today we will go to the Butterfly Pavilion, to marvel at the beautiful creatures that always remind us of you.   We will visit your grave and bring you pretty flowers, and help your baby brother release his first balloon for you.  We will cry tears from the deepest gashes of our grief, and then we will hold each other close and we will press on another day, because we know each day brings us closer to kissing your sweet face again.

You are deeply missed my precious and beautiful daughter.  I am longing for Heaven.

Until we meet again,


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1 thought on “Two Years”

  1. Holding you up before the Lord in lots of prayers today, my Friend. Knowing the ache in your heart and the longing to see Ellie Grace again. God is good and kind by helping us to remember all the beautiful memories of our loved ones gone too soon. Tears and laughter come together as we remember them. It's good to shed the tears and have the memories of your Ellie Grace, who was so beautiful and perfect while she was with you. Praying God hold all of you up in His Perfect Love. ❤


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