I feel like it’s been a few days since I’ve overshared, so let me fix that! For those if you keeping track, today is Monday, the day I get to disconnect from my port and not worry about the backsplash of the shower. So today, today friends, I yanked out that needle, made my way up the stairs to my daughters’ bath tub, filled it full hot, and added a bath bomb a dear friend brought me. I then plunked myself in and soaked until I resembled an albino prune. Two years since I’ve been able to submerge myself like that. It was glorious. I hope the rest of your April Fool’s is as fulfilling as mine has already been!

Please leave me a comment, it lets me know you’re listening!

2 thoughts on “Monday”

  1. A little pampering does the body & soul good!! Sometimes it’s the little things that provide so much enjoyment! I’m praying to be able to smell my cup of morning coffee after sinus surgery (again!). Knowing it will only be temporary, makes me enjoy a sense of smell even more so! Hannah, are such an inspiration! Thank you!


    1. Oh Cindy, I’m so sorry you have to keep going through that! I hope you enjoy the best of all the most wonderful smells this time, for as long as possibly possible!


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