Still Hoping



Hope has been a weighty word for me over the most challenging seasons of my life. I have clung to it, believed it, pressed into it. There is much beyond me that I cannot grasp, and I do not pretend to have the answers. What I’ve come to rest in though, is that whatever we are each hoping in, whether it is something tangible or not, is worth pursuing when it keeps our feet hitting the floor on the most suffocating mornings. Hope is worth clinging to when it gives us the will to keep fighting an impossible battle. Hope is worth reaching for when it magnifies our purpose and causes our love to multiply and reach far beyond our own borders. So until the time comes to lay down your battle, keep finding something that gives you hope. Keep waking up and remembering it each morning, and using it as the fuel that propels you through the thick storms and out into the sunshine of triumph.

Hope on.

1 thought on “Still Hoping”

  1. I love the plant with a heart Inthe leaf picture! And your words are real and beautiful, keep sharing your hope and healing.


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