Sweet Escape

We were so thankful for the reprieve of Mark being at the Air Force Academy the past 4 years, and him hardly having to leave us.  I was disappointed when only a few weeks after moving to his new assignment that he was told he would be sent TDY for a few weeks in June, and then at least 6 more times throughout this year.  However, my disappointment turned to glee when I realized since the Air Force was paying for him to drive out to Los Angeles, we could fill up the car with people for no extra charge!

The rest of May was spent packing and planning and giggling as we counted down the days to balmy, warm days by the ocean.  Packing for this growing family is no small feat anymore, and let’s face it, mom better do it all just to make sure we are not having to buy emergency socks, toothbrushes, and swimsuits once we get there!

We are just over a week into our 2 week getaway, and we have had as much fun and adventure as we could pack in.  Mornings are delicious hot breakfast provided by our hotel, and then everyone crawling into the one big bed and snuggling up for some Food Network while we wait for the morning fog to clear.  The rest of the day is filled with swimming, finding treasures at the beach, venturing out into the city to find clean and safe places to explore, and more swimming.  We have enjoyed watching sea creatures during dinner on the pier, got to bring my sweet grandma some cheer in the hospital, and have a gorgeous walk along the canals of Venice beach.  More fun is to be had with our incredible thrift store find, but more on that later.

What an unexpected blessing this retreat has been, for both our bodies and minds.  God is good, all the time, whether we had gotten to tag along with Mark, or had to get through the weeks at home without him!  We are blessed.
Ya sleep wherever you find a place!

Bella looking so grown up!

The most delicious cupcake!

Peeking out.  He points at every car and yells “car!!”

The freshest fruits


The only thing I like about snails is their cute li’l eye stalks.  Jacob found out if you poke them they scrunch up their whole face!!!

Taking in all the wonder
This cuteness!

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