A Lot of Dimes

Some time has passed, but I have been wanting to say thank you to those of you who were part of something big for us.

April 28th, our family joined many others to walk in the March for Babies for the March of Dimes.  We were surrounded by families whose lives have been changed by having or knowing a premature baby, and the goal was to raise money and awareness to help these tiny babies grow strong and have the resourses they need to overcome their many challenges.

With the generous help of many friends and family members, we raised $1800 for this cause.  Thank you.  We are so honored by each of you who came alongside us.

Our team was one of the biggest there that day.  You could easily pick us out of the crowd in our bright green shirts. 

Team Hope & Grace

It was an emotional day… a march that represented the triumph of our bubbly little Isabella, and the heartache of losing Ellianna.

The Memorial Mile
Ellianna’s name on the Memorial Mile

We walked arm in arm with family and friends, and made a stand for something dear to us… and if that makes a difference for even one tiny life, we have won. 

Please leave me a comment; it lets me know you’re listening!

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