Speaking of Miracles

I was talking with a friend about God “showing up,” and I stated that He doesn’t give me miracles.  Maybe that’s because I pray for too many of them… but I’m not one of those people who always has breath taking stories of how He showed up in the darkest hour and did what no one thought was possible. 

Then my thoughts shifted… as if He wanted me to remember… and be thankful.  We DID have a miracle… and still are living it… For those of you who didn’t know…..

At a confusing and unstable time in my life, I met my love. 

We “tied the knot”.

We became parents.

We focused on our son, on our jobs.  We grew our family bigger.

  We accomplished what needed to be done in a day, and called it successful. 

Then at some point, we stopped and looked around.  We realized we weren’t connected.

 We listened to lies that told us we were entitled to more, that we had been ripped off.  We lived selfishly.

We lost sight of what was important.


I was not willing to fight.  I believed the lie that I should throw it all away.  I hurt everyone around me.  I ended up alone.

Mark stood by.  He prayed.  He fought.  He held all the pieces and hoped I would choose to glue them back together. 

I’m still not quite sure why or how it happened.  We didn’t have support.  We were in a terribly negative environment… but somehow hearts softened, ears opened, and the marriage which so hastily fell together and back apart began a transformation into something beautiful. 

Forgiveness.  Grace.  Redemption. 

And THAT is a miracle.

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7 thoughts on “Speaking of Miracles”

  1. Hannah, you are amazing. You do have a miracle, thanks for sharing it. I have to agree with Tesha, it brought tears to my eyes.


  2. I thank God for you, Hannah! Your journey is a powerful example of His amazing, transforming love at work within a family where He continues to create beauty from ashes. I love you. -Dad


  3. What an awesome God! Thank you for sharing what He does best, transforming us into the image of His son!


  4. Hannah,
    you don't know me, but I have known (about) you for a really long time. I went to a church in midtown Memphis that supported your family as missionaries. I am so humbled by your words and your life. I am glad that you are sharing your story. I just emailed your words about a renewed marriage to my husband. We also struggled….I gave up. God didn't.
    Bless you, Teresa Baker


  5. Teresa, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a note! How long ago you knew us!! That's so neat! Isn't it awesome that we have a God who can put our pieces back together?! Thanks for joining me in my journey.


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