From the Mouths of Babes

“From the mouths of infants and children, You have created praise.”
Matthew 21:16
Morning time holds a special time of prayer for the kids and I.    It began as me praying for them each morning while they listened. Now it soothes my heart to see how they are learning to pray and growing in their own understanding of who God is. They are so simple and honest… many of us adults can learn from the humble prayers of a child. How often we get concerned whether we are using the right words or making our prayers sound good, and yet it is the words of the children we know are close to the heart of God. I want to share some of the things these precious little souls are praying for… and hope they make your heart smile like mine.
“Please hold Ellianna in Your lap in Heaven and keep her safe” -Jacob
“Please help Mommy not be afraid” -Baylie
“Help me to have a happy heart today” -Bella
“Please help those Angel Guards keep Satan out of Heaven” -Jacob
“Please let Ellie see your rainbow horse” -Baylie
“Help me do my best and not listen to lies” -Jacob
“I hope Ellie is having fun with you in Heaven” -Bella
“Help our friend to believe in You” -Baylie
These simple and heartfelt conversations show me the trust and faith that is molding their lives and giving them hope… and it encourages me to hold tight to my own.

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