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Changing Course

Life was pretty predictable. Mark worked. I worked. The kids were in school and daycare. We saw each other for a few minutes in passing. Suddenly one day, this was not okay. I had very little left to give my family and felt like my babies were growing up and I was missing it. So came the rearranging. I quit the jobs that were sucking the life out of me, and adjusted my schedule to not only be home more with the kids, but also to embark on the adventure of homeschooling. It seemed Jacob was getting overwhelmed by all the activity of being in school, and needed help to refocus on moving forward in his studies. The only answer that seemed to make sense was to work with him ourselves. It has been a learning experience for ALL of us! I am learning patience daily… and finding creative ways to keep things interesting and engaging for everyone. We are settling into these new routines, and although some days find me cranky from trying to teach phonics and math after having been awake all night at work, it is evident the time we are having together is reaping rich blessings for the whole family.

2 thoughts on “Changing Course”

  1. What fun would life be without changing things up?! Some of these precious faces are extras:)

    And a car….yeah… that is definitely on the prayer list… after years of swearing not to become a “minvan mom” we are going to have to come up with SOMETHING!


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