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Starting Fresh

So after years of finding “newsletters” a bit pretentious and overbearing, here I am essentially doing the same thing in the form of a blog. Well they say change is good, right? My goal is to filter and “pen” an account of the days and moments that are changing and molding me as I seem to have entered a new and dynamic period in my life… a peek inside the workings of a few servants that God has so clearly made plans for and laid hands on. The main characters include my loving and devoted husband of 9 years, my son and two young daughters, the little miracle on the way, and the adopted one that God has so clearly nudged us to welcome into our lives. Please walk alongside us, laugh and cry with us, pray with us, and see in us the miracles our Heavenly Father has and will perform.

2 thoughts on “Starting Fresh”

  1. I think this is a wonderfully open and honest view of Your hopes, dreams, and Christian Walk .. keep up the good work. Its refreshing to see! You have an awesome family; and show an honesty in your 'life struggle' that I admire.


  2. Hannah, I am anxious to follow you hear… the journey of your family and your life. You live life honestly and so this should be fun to read and see what God has to teach you, show you and share with us and so many others. Can't wait! You go girl!


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