It's a girl

All Pinked Out

At the halfway point of my pregnancy, things are running smoothly. With frequent check-ups and the most up-to-date treatments, my doctors are ever-vigilant in doing everything possible to ensure our baby GIRL stays cozy inside for as long as possible. That’s right, more ribbons and curls! I have to admit, this news stunned the little ones a bit. In fact, my heart ached to see Jacob’s deep sobbing and his pitiful plea that “I have been waiting for a brother for 8 years!!” When we found out we were expecting, Mark and I talked about if it was a girl, would we still choose to adopt a girl over a boy. The answer at that time was yes. However, now that the possibility of a houseful of 4 girls exists, I find my heart stirring again. Wondering if Jacob’s loneliness and this little baby’s triumphant presence is God’s hand gently leading us toward a little boy that waits for a family. I just don’t know, but it is constantly in the back of my thoughts. All to do for now is to pray…and seek…and wait. In the meantime, we are readying our hearts and our home to welcome our newest daughter to the family.