Five Favorites

Things have been a bit heavy lately, so what better time than to have some fun and do a favorites post?! I enjoy sharing a few of my favorite things every once in awhile; you never know when you might find YOUR next favorite!!!

String of Pearls

I first got a glimpse of one of these gorgeous plants online several years ago, and immediately tried to track it down and find out where I could get one. I had no success… until… my daughter and I recently stopped in to check out a new local houseplant store near us, and much to my delight, there she was! I am reading up on all the things about this little gem, and getting a spot set up so I can welcome one of these beauties home!

I have not had much of an appetite lately, but these Nerds gummy clusters never disappoint. They have a fruity, tangy flavor with the most delightful crunchy/chewy/gummy texture. I have only tried rainbow flavor; they have very berry as well, which sounds just as yummy!

Ok, I love a good creative activity to work on from bed, but am I the only one absolutely overwhelmed by the intensity of the detail in coloring books meant for adults? I mean, it’s supposed to be relaxing, but I get so worked up by feeling like it’s going to be two Christmases by the time I finish a page, that I get overwhelmed and abandon ship. Paint by Sticker though? That’s my jam! These designs are so cute and fun, and it’s totally feasible to accomplish an entire picture -or two- in one sitting. They end up looking so colorful and precise, and do not take much time, which is totally satisfying to having a creative streak with limited energy!

A quick glance around my house will reveal to the careful eye my love for all things Rae Dunn. I adore the simplicity of her designs, and her straight, alluring letter forms make me drool. I am increasingly pleased with the expansion of the kind of things she makes, and my mom totally nailed it when she found me the softest ever Rae Dunn blanket for Valentines Day. It is comfort and simplicity and beauty all in one, and immediately made the short list of things my little people are not allowed to disappear with from my room. 😊

This book by Karyn B. Purvis has been a game changer in my parenting. I wish I had found it 10 years sooner! As a young mom I didn’t know any better than demanding good behavior from my children— behavior that reflected well on me, but did not meet the soul needs of my littles. The idea of Trust Based Relational Intervention has turned my ideas and expectations of parenting upside down as it has taught me how to understand the heart of my kids’ behavior, not just the outward action of it. It has been empowering— for myself and for my children. Definitely one I will read and re-read.

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