As I periodically do just for funsies I have a few random things that are my favorites to share with you. Hang with me; you might discover your next new favorite!

Zebra Popcorn! This manna from Heaven cycles in and out of Costco, as many of their products seem to do, so it’s important to stock up while they have it! It’s a mixture of melt-in-your-mouth caramel covered popcorn and caramel corn drizzled in white and milk chocolate. Though both flavors are delicious I will sit there and eat all of the chocolate drizzled ones and leave you with a bag of caramel corn, I do not even care. It’s also gluten free, which makes me so happy because my sister can enjoy this delight with me!

Ok, so I don’t actually own these, but I know they’re my favorite because I carried them around in my cart for 40 minutes stroking the feather-soft material and dreaming about what they would feel like on my bed before I decided I really didn’t need them and put them back. I just realized how creepy that sounds and why you should always wash your new sheets before you put them on your bed. Anyway, I found them at a new store I discovered called HomeBuys, but I looked them up and actually found them right here at Walmart!


I borrowed this book from the library, and my goodness I felt like I had read everything I needed to know just from the introduction! It is so thought-provoking and challenging, and I found myself excited to push past my comfort zone and really experience some of the rewards in life we miss out on by always playing it safe.

Peonies! My friend’s family owns the cutest little flower shop in Oakwood called The Oakwood Florist. She shared these peonies they got in this week and I am in love! They don’t just have flowers; the shop is also filled with all kinds of gifts, ornaments, candles, unique and one of a kind gifts!

Speaking of my love for Costco, they also have these adorable GIANT gingerbread people for decorating! They each come with a tube of icing, and an assortment of candies for decorating. We did these with some friends and had the best time! They would be a great idea for all your friend and family gatherings this season!

3 thoughts on “Favorites”

  1. What a fun post! Throughout the Christmas season, may the Lord bless you with a supernatural peace and joy in the midst of all that would try to rob you of these gifts. May you and your family be blessed and comforted, in Jesus’ name.


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