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Once in a Lifetime

When I was young, I prayed for a little sister.  Brother, after brother, after brother I prayed.  I would open my window to breathe the thick freshness, and spill the desire of my heart.  I scrawled prayers out on paper and buried them deep in the earth.

June 27, 1992, I got that sister I had prayed for.  We were instant friends, she my sidekick, and I her protector.   We shared faith and opinions, secrets and dreams.  The years separated us through our parents’ divorce, but as we faded into adulthood our friendship rekindled.

 Through many joys we have traveled, as well as great trial.  She has been my trusted friend, my faithful confidant, my unending anchor.

 Tomorrow I get to walk one of the greatest joys with my sister.  I get to stand beside her as she becomes one with the man of her heart.  I will be there as the rest of her life begins.  In some ways I know this is a landmark; a day which will change the shape of our friendship, as she clings to her one,  and will share secrets that even her sisters won’t know.

The “smolder”

I’m proud of the woman my littlest playmate has become, honored to be part of her life.  Her faith runs deep, her kindness eternal. With tears in my eyes and thankfulness in my heart, I will stand  by as she moves from girl to wife.

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The Love of my Life

This week Mark and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. A whole Decade. Wow.
Are there people who thought we would never make it? Most certainly. Were there times that nearly broke us apart? You betcha. But the thing is, when God looks on something and says it is good, IT IS GOOD. We have been continually molded and shaped and taught how to love each other and rise above the hurdles that are thrown in our path. In spite of every attempt the enemy has made, God’s hand has faithfully been on our lives, pointing to the beautiful purpose that He is fufilling through our love.
So 10 years later through the raw grit of life, I have a greater love and understanding of the man that I chose to spend every day of my life with…
10 Things I Love About Mark…
1) He still kisses me goodnight, even when he *thinks* I am sleeping.
2) He is not afraid to show his tears.
3) He always makes time for our children.
4) He kills all the spiders.
5) He supports me and helps me reach my goals.
6) He is “better than me” at driving the babysitters home.
7) He makes sure our girls know they are beautiful– inside and out.
8) He is SO patient.
9) He is a darn good cook.
10) He is the glue that has held us together through some of the hardest days of our lives.
Celebrate with us. God has chosen something impossible and made it something beautiful, and we hope that we will be a reflection of that promise of healing to anyone who sees us.
Happy Anniversary Buddy!!!