This New Year feels weird. I have largely guarded myself from it, but I guarantee that a scroll through social media will be filled with people geared up and ready to take new leaps and new adventures and new journeys, to reach goals set high and higher, and for those of us just crawling along right now it can feel, well, discouraging. This year my list of goals are small and right in front of me, but as I’ve pondered over the different places we all find ourselves in I have decided that sometimes the biggest leaps and bounds are actually the tiny shuffles forward. The one tiny point farther along than yesterday. The subtle movement that means you are indeed going somewhere even though at a glance it may appear you are sitting still.

Do not dismiss those small sweet shuffles, for you are part of winning a bigger battle, and it doesn’t happen all at once. It is ok if 2023’s resolutions are to stay awake a little longer, to read half a page, to wash your face… because my friend we are all pushing ourselves in the ways that we can to get to goals that can only be ours. Let’s link arms and cheer each other on wherever we are at, and enter this year leaping, shuffling, or crawling as one magnificent people that are going to shine bright in each of our spaces this year- sharing love, spreading faith, and finding grace and goodness in all the big and small.

1 thought on “2023”

  1. Well said, Hannah! So encouraging too! I’m going to add this to last year’s resolution…Take your everyday, ordinary life—being aware of God’s goodness and grace each day—and place it before Him as an offering. Keep taking the next right step shining the light and love of Christ. Hope you have a blessed 2023. 💕


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