Plot Twist!

Well surgery didn’t go as planned. Fortunately we are well versed in changing plans!

I was admitted through the ER Saturday with an infected VP shunt for IV antibiotics. They took me to surgery Monday.

Monday night after surgery I had a series of seizures. I was intubated in the ICU and don’t remember the rest of the week. They are caring for me and trying to get me back home. Thank you everyone who has brought meals or watched my kids or sent flowers. We could not carry this weight without our community. Your grace runs deep.

20 thoughts on “Plot Twist!”

  1. Hannah, you have been through so much. You have an army of prayer warriors behind you! God bless you friend!

    Sent from my iPhone Have a great day! Cindy



  2. You and your family are least in my prayers. I have sent Kimberly to watch over you and your family ❤️


  3. So sorry to hear about the cancelled Mother’s Day plans and what happened after the surgery. Thinking of you. Thank you for keeping us updated.

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  4. We love you Hannah and praying for the Lord’s blessing, comfort and healing every day. So blessed by the way you are hanging on by faith!!

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