Susan 🦋

My heart feels crushed every time I remember that a hard goodbye is just around the corner. I am grieving having to say goodbye to an incredible woman. An Angel among us. I have been so blessed in life to have been given friends who leave such important footprints on my heart.

I met Sue in a roundabout kind of way; we were both following the same blog, and the blog author had asked for prayers for Susan’s granddaughter, Delainey, who was having complications from Trisomy 18. In the end, we lost our daughter Ellianna, and she lost her granddaughter Delainy just a few months apart. Thus began an unexpected friendship; raw, real, beautiful, and based on the bare bones truth of treating people gently when they need to be loved.

Sue and I carried the heaviness of grieving our little ones side by side even though we were states apart. She was always accepting of whatever stage I was in, and gave me space to feel and express all that I needed to. Do y’all know how rare that is? It is an indescribable gift to have a person like that! Even in her own grieving, Sue found ways to speak to my hurts and mend my broken pieces with her gentle words and kind heart.

From right: Susan, Delainey, Delainey’s mom Christy

Susan is a relentless encourager. If I look at my “friendship” on Facebook I will be scrolling through page after page of scripture, encouraging quotes, and meaningful articles she would send on to me. And that woman must have liked and commented on every one of my pictures for like five years. She was always looking for ways to build me up.

I only got to be with Sue in person one time, and that makes me a little sad. She was traveling near my town and made it a point to stop and meet up with us so we could finally meet in the flesh and have a good meal together. It is a treasured memory, an experience that really made me realize how gentle and kind of a person she is. She is calm and sure of herself, content in the moment, unlike how I sometimes come roaring in in a hot frazzled mess.

How blessed I am to have shared in such an uplifting and encouraging friendship at a time we both so deeply needed it. My heart aches that this world will not have Sue anymore, but my soul rejoices wildly at the thought of her scooping up her Delainey once again, and snuggling her close for all of eternity. How happy she will be. Once again she will be paving the way for me through a new unknown.

6 thoughts on “Susan 🦋”

    1. John, Sue has always been a calm and reassuring place for me to bring my hurts and my struggles to. She has nurtured and mentored, and her impact on my life stretches far and wide.


  1. Hannah I think you are an amazing person, mother, wife, and so much more. You speak to my hurts and what I might need and I don’t think you even realize it. Just having you thinking of me while reading a book and sharing it with me warms my heart that you care and you don’t even know the half of why it might help me. I strive to get back to having a strong relationship with God and being able to let him lead me the way you do when it’s so easy to blame him and others and sulk in pitty. It’s been a struggle. I have let worldly things take over me and make it harder for me to get back to what I need which is God. I truly do look up to you and envy your love and the way you handle everything. I don’t know you as well as others but I can spot a good egg when I see one and you are a golden one! You are a blessing to so many! God bless you for all the love you share with us all!


    1. Nicole, I am just now reading this comment and it’s giving such a warm, needed hug to my soul. I am happy to link arm in arm with you in this life and slay the dragons together. I know it’s not often easy or fair. I’m lucky to know you; you are an inspiration to me as well!


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